Working with pattern fills

In CorelDRAW you can choose from a two-color, full-color, or bitmap pattern fill. A two-color pattern is a simple picture composed of only "on" and "off" pixels. The only colors included in the bitmap are the two that you assign. A full-color pattern is a picture composed of lines and fills, instead of dots of color like a bitmap. These vector graphics are smoother and more complex than bitmap images and are easier to manipulate. A bitmap pattern is a regular color picture (like you might get with an electronic photograph). These bitmaps vary in complexity, and it is best to use less complex bitmaps for fill patterns, because complex ones are memory-intensive and slow to display. The complexity of a bitmap is determined by its size, resolution, and bit depth.

CorelDRAW provides preset pattern fills. You can also create a pattern using the Bitmap Pattern Editor, or import your own 1-bit bitmap.

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