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This chapter describes how to use styles and templates to help you format drawings and documents in CorelDRAW.

A style is a set of formatting settings that simplifies the task of formatting objects in your drawings. When you apply a style to an object, all the settings of the style are applied to that object in one step. Styles can save you considerable time if you need to apply the same formatting to many different objects. For example, you can create a graphic style for quickly formatting certain objects in your drawing.

By using styles, you also make it easier to change your drawing. To change the fill for the graphics objects in your drawing, you can simply edit the graphic style to update all the objects using this style.

A template is a set of styles and page layout settings that govern the layout and appearance of a drawing or document. You can use the default template (CORELDRWCDT) or choose one of a wide variety of other templates available on the CorelDRAW CD-ROM.

You can also create your own templates to suit your needs. For example, if you regularly put together a newsletter, you can save the newsletter's page layout settings and styles to a template. You can also save drawing objects to your template. As with the above example, you can save the newsletter's banner with the template. When you create a new drawing using the template, CorelDRAW formats the page using the page layout settings and loads the styles saved with the template.

You can use a style to apply the same formatting to many different objects in your drawing.

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