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With CorelDRAW, there are three types of styles you can save and apply in your drawings: graphic, text, and color styles.

A graphic style is a combination of fill and outline settings. For more information on creating fills and outlines, see "Filling and outlining objects" on page 211.

A text style is a set of text settings including font, point size, and font style. Text styles also include fill and outline settings. For example, you can create a style that applies a texture fill to 72 point Wide Latin font. There are two types of text styles: Artistic and Paragraph styles.

A color style is a color you save and apply to objects in your drawing. Since there are millions of colors available in CorelDRAW, color styles can make it easier to find and apply the exact color you want. One powerful feature of color styles is that you can create a series of shades based on a color style. The original color style is referred to as the "parent" color; and the shades, as "child" colors. For most of the available color models and palettes, child colors share the same hue as the parent but have different saturation and brightness levels. With the Pantone Matching System, Pantone Hexachrome, and Userlnks palettes, child and parents share a common ID but have different tint levels.

You can create child colors if you need to apply lighter and darker shades to an object. If you later need to change the color of the object, you can edit the parent color, and CorelDRAW will automatically adjust the child colors. For example, if you change a parent color from red to yellow, CorelDRAW converts the child colors of the red parent to shades of yellow.

When you change the parent color,

CorelDraw automatically adjusts all the child colors.

With CorelDRAW, when you change the settings of a style, all the objects using this style are automatically updated. This allows you to make design changes to your drawing in one step.

By creating and applying styles, you can significantly reduce layout time and also ensure a consistent look for your drawings.

Working with graphic and text styles

This section describes how to create and apply graphic and text styles. To make it easier to use these styles, CorelDRAW includes a Graphic and Text Styles Docker. You can use this Docker to drag and drop styles into your drawing. You can also use the Docker to create, edit, apply, and delete styles.

Every CorelDRAW template includes default styles for graphics, artistic text, and paragraph text. When you create graphics or text, CorelDRAW automatically applies the appropriate default style. For example, if you have the Default Artistic Text style set to format text in 24 point AvantGarde, any artistic text you create will have these properties.

Once you have created an object, you can apply a new style or change the settings of the default style to update your object. You cannot delete a default style.

When you create a style, the new style is saved to the current drawing. To use the style in another drawing, you can copy the style to the new drawing or save the save the style in a template. For more information on creating and loading templates, see "Working with templates" on page 158.

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