Working with templates

A template is a set of styles and page layout settings that determine the appearance of a drawing or document.

When you create a new drawing, CorelDRAW automatically loads the default template (CORELDRW.CDT). This template has one graphics style, one Artistic text, style, and seven Paragraph text styles.

In addition to the default template, CorelDRAW provides a wide variety of preset templates to help create drawings. You can find the preset templates on the CorelDRAW CD-ROM or by running the Template Wizard.

If desired, you can modify any of these templates and then save it as a new template. For example, if you like a template but want to make it more versatile, you can add styles that you've created or that you've taken from another template.

You can use preset or custom templates to control the appearance of your documents.

You can use preset or custom templates to control the appearance of your documents.

If none of the preset templates meets your needs, you can create your own template based on your own styles or styles taken from other templates. You can also create a template from any drawing you create in CorelDRAW If desired, you can even save graphics or text objects with the template. When you save objects with a template, you can choose to include these objects when you create a new drawing using the template.

Templates can be applied at any time during a CorelDRAW session. For example, you can use the New From Template command (in the File menu) to open the Template wizard, which will help you find the template you want. If you've already created a drawing, you can apply a template to it using the Load command (in the Graphic And Text Styles Docker).

If you want, you can save templates to the Template folder on your hard drive. You can also make your templates available when open a template using the Template wizard.

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