Working With Text

CorelDRAW lets you apply word-processing features to text. Using the Text tool, you can create Artistic text and Paragraph text. Artistic text is best when you're working with short lines of text because you can apply a large range of effects. For larger bodies of text that have greater formatting requirements, you should create Paragraph text.

After adding text to documents, you can change the text type (e.g., from Paragraph text to Artistic text) or convert Artistic text to curves. Before you start any task, you must select the text. You can enhance text by embedding graphics, and adding symbols and special characters. CorelDRAW lets you edit text in the Drawing Window and the Edit Text dialog box.

Some formatting features apply to both Artistic text and Paragraph text. For example, spacing text and applying bold formatting. Other formatting features apply only to Paragraph text. For example, adding columns and drop caps.

Managing Paragraph text frames can involve basic tasks, such as moving frames, or more involved tasks, such as linking frames to direct the flow of text.

You can create effects by fitting Artistic text to a path. You can also customize this effect. For example, you can change the distance between the text and path.

While working with text, you can use the writing tools to verify grammar and spelling, replace a word with a synonym, create a user word list for the writing tools to use, or generate a count of text elements.

You may need to open a document containing fonts that aren't installed on your system. You can substitute these missing fonts for fonts that are available on your system. You can accept the PANOSE suggestions or choose a font.

By changing the default text preferences that control how text and text features are displayed, you may find working with text more efficient.

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