Working with user word lists

User word lists are personal vocabulary lists which you create by adding words or phrases that you commonly misspell, or words which the Spell Checker and Grammatik don't recognize. When the Spell Checker and Grammatik detect an unknown word or phrase, they treat the word or phrase like an error. By adding such words and phrases to user word lists, the writing tools will recognize them as being correct.

The Spell Checker and Grammatik scan two types of word lists — user word lists and main word lists. You can have up to ten lists of each type active when you use the writing tools. CorelDRAW first scans the document user word lists. If the word or phrase is not found there, CorelDRAW scans the active word lists in the order in which they are displayed. If you write a document in another language, you can create and use a word list for that language and enable it. Alternative words appear in the Replacements or Suggestions list box in the Spell Checker and Grammatik.

In addition, you can customize user words lists. For example, you can add a word you want the Spell Checker and Grammatik to skip.

You can also disable or remove a user word list from the Spell Checker and Grammatik.

• Each document has its own user word list to which you can add words and phrases that pertain to that document. You can create and use multiple user word lists when you spell check or grammar check a document. If more than one word list is activated, the document user word list is the first list the program scans.

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