Applying special effects to bitmaps

You can apply a wide range of special effects to bitmaps, such as three-dimensional and artistic effects.

Adding plug-in filters to CorelDRAW provides additional features and effects that you can use to edit images. You can add plug-in filters and you can remove them when you no longer need them.

Special effect type


Lets you create the illusion of three-dimensional depth. The 3-D effects include embossing, page curl, and perspective.

Art strokes

Lets you apply hand-painted techniques. The art stroke media and styles include crayon, impressionist, pastels, watercolor, and pen and ink.


Lets you blur an image to simulate gradual change, movement, or speckling. The blur effects include Gaussian blur, motion blur, and zoom.


Lets you simulate the effect produced by diffusion filters of a diffusion lens.

Color transform

Lets you create photographic illusions by using color reduction and replacements. The color transform effects include half-tones, psychedelic, and solarizing.

Special effect type Description

Contour Lets you highlight and enhance the edges of an image. The contour effects include edge tracing and highlighting.

Creative Lets you apply a variety of textures and shapes to an image. The creative effects include fabric, glass block, crystal fragments, vortex, and stained glass.

Distort Lets you distort image surfaces. The distort effects include ripples, blocks, swirl, and tile.

Noise Lets you modify the graininess of an image.

The noise effects include adding noise, applying dust and scratch, and diffusing to change an image's granularity.

Sharpen Lets you create a sharpening effect to focus and enhance edges. The sharpen effects include accentuating edge detail and sharpening smooth areas.

Plug-ins Lets you apply effects from a third-party filter to bitmaps in CorelDRAW. An installed plug-in appears at the bottom of the Bitmaps menu.

Coreldraw Effects

Left to right: Add noise effect, Zoom blur effect, Solarize color transform effect, Edge detect contour effect, Sharpen effect

Effects Bitmap Image Type
Left to right: Original image, Emboss effect, Cubist artistic effect, Mosaic creative effect, Distortpixelate effect

CorelDRAW automatically inflates a bitmap to make a special effect cover the entire image. You can disable the automatic inflate and manually specify how much you want to inflate the bitmap.

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