Corel RAVE application window

When you launch Corel R.A.VE., the application window opens containing a drawing window. The rectangle in the center of the drawing window is the stage where you create your movie. Although more than one drawing window can be opened, you can

Parts Corel Rave

The application window contains

the following main parts:



Menu bar

The area containing pull-down menu


Property bar

A detachable bar that changes depending on

the tool or task. For example, when the text

tool is active, the property bar displays

commands that create and edit text.


A detachable bar that contains shortcuts to

menu and other commands

Title bar

The area displaying the title of the currently

open movie


Horizontal and vertical borders that are used

to determine the size and position of objects

in a movie


A dockable bar with tools for creating,

filling, and modifying objects in the movie

Drawing window

The area outside the stage bordered by the

scroll bars and application controls


The rectangular area inside the drawing

window in which you add objects to a movie,

compose the contents of individual frames,

and preview animation

Color palette

A dockable bar that contains color swatches


A window containing available commands

and settings relevant to a specific tool or task

Status bar

An area at the bottom of the application

window that contains information about

object properties such as type, size, color, fill,

and resolution. The status bar also shows the

current mouse position.

Navigator The small, square button at the bottom-

right corner that opens a smaller display to help you move around in the drawing window

Movie playback controls The area at the bottom left of the drawing window that contains controls for playing movies

Timeline docker The window displaying the timeline of all objects in a movie. This is where you animate, organize, and coordinate objects in a movie.

By default, the rulers are not displayed. To toggle between displaying and hiding the rulers, see "To display or hide the rulers" on page 1.

By default, the status bar is not displayed. To toggle between displaying and hiding the status bar, click Window ► Toolbars ► Status bar.

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