Corel RAVE toolbox

Many application commands are accessible through the toolbox. You can also access application commands from the menu bar, toolbars, property bar, and dockers. The toolbox can be opened, closed, and moved around your screen at any time. For information about the menu bar, toolbars, property bar, and dockers, see "Corel R.A.VE. workspace tools" in the Help.

You can customize many of these workspace tools to suit your needs. For more information, see "Customizing your application" in the Help.

Flyouts open to display a set of related Corel R.A.VE. tools. A small arrow in the bottom right corner of a toolbox button indicates a flyout: for example, the Shape edit flyout /ij. Clicking a flyout arrow opens a set of related tools. Clicking the grab handles at the left end of the flyout and dragging the flyout away from the toolbox sets the flyout in its expanded form.

The following table provides descriptions of the flyouts and tools in the Corel R.A.VE. toolbox.

Flyouts Flyout


Lets you access the Zoom and Hand tools

Lets you access the Freehand, Bezier, Artistic media, 3-point curve, Polyline, and Pen tools

Shape edit U J,

Lets you access the Shape, Knife, Eraser, Smudge brush, Roughen brush, and Virtual segment delete tools

Lets you access the Polygon, Spiral, and Graph paper tools

Perfect Shapes g & CJ

Lets you access the Basic shapes, Arrow shapes, Flowchart shapes, Star shapes, and Callout shapes tools

Lets you access the Interactive blend, Interactive contour, Interactive distortion, Interactive envelope, Interactive extrude, Interactive drop shadow, and Interactive transparency tools

Lets you access the Interactive fill and Interactive mesh fill tools

Interactive fill


Eyedropper ||

/ ^

Lets you access the Eyedropper and Paintbucket tools

Lets you access the Outline pen and the Outline color dialog boxes, the Color docker, and a selection of outlines of various widths

Outline g f]

X ------ :.

Fill ^ r

x i:.

Lets you access the Color docker, the Fill color, Fountain fill, Pattern fill, and Texture fill dialog boxes, and the No fill button.

An example is the Object properties docker. When it is open, you can click an object and view formatting, dimensions, and other properties of the object.

From here

For more information about

In the Help index, see...

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Property bar

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Status bar

workspace, status bar

Timeline docker

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workspace, toolbars


workspace, tools

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