Creating animated text effects

Corel R.A.VE. lets you create a typing effect and animated text effects.

You can blend artistic text, and then create an animated sequence from the blend.

You can blend two instances of text along a path.

To blend artistic text To

Do the following

Blend text along a straight line

Open the Interactive tools flyout

| /la a a -j Sr and click the Interactive blend tool ¿¡f. Select the first text instance, and drag over the second text instance. If you want to reset the blend, press Esc as you drag.

Blend text along a freehand path

Open the Interactive tools flyout, and click the Interactive blend tool. Select the first text instance. Hold down Alt, and drag to draw a line to the second text instance.

Fit a blend to a path

Open the Interactive tools flyout, and click the Interactive blend tool. Click the blend. Click the Path properties button ^ on the property bar. Click New path. Using the curved arrow, click the path to which you want to fit the blend.

Stretch the blend over an entire path Select a blend that is already fitted on a path.

Click the Miscellaneous blend options button ^ on the property bar, and enable the Blend along full path check box.

Create a compound blend

Using the Interactive blend tool, drag from an object to the start or end text instance of another blend.

Create a sequence from a blend

Select a blend, and click Movie ► Create sequence from blend.

You can also blend text with an object. For more information about blending objects, see "Blending objects" in the Help.

To create a typing effect

1 Type the text in the frame where you want the animation to begin.

3 Select the group of objects, and click Edit ► Copy.

4 In the Timeline docker, expand the group of objects, and drag the timeline dot for each character to the end of the group's timeline.

5 In the Timeline docker, click the third frame in the group's timeline, and click Edit ► Paste.

6 Select the group of objects with the earlier timeline, and choose the Interactive transparency tool [¡¿J from the Interactive tools flyout ian ■:■ a □ ■ .

7 Select Uniform from the Transparency type list box in the property bar, and type 50 in the Starting transparency box.

8 Click the Play button L on the Control panel to play the movie.

9 Click the Stop button _| to stop the movie and make adjustments.

2 Select the text, and click Movie ► Create sequence from text.


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