Distinguishing protected and editable areas

You can use masks for advanced image editing. Masks function like a stencil placed over an image: protected areas prevent paint and effects from affecting the underlying image, whereas editable areas let paint and effects reach the image. When you define an editable area for an image, you also define a corresponding mask, or protected area, for the same image.

Mask overlay

By default, a mask overlay displays only over protected areas to make it easy to differentiate between protected and editable areas. The mask overlay is a red-tinted, transparent sheet. If you adjust the transparency of a mask in certain areas, the degree of red displayed by the mask overlay in those areas will vary accordingly.

You can hide the mask overlay.

Mask marquee

The border separating an editable area and its corresponding protected area is indicated by a dashed outline, called the mask marquee. You can display the mask marquee only after hiding the mask overlay. You can change the color of the mask marquee so that it can be seen clearly against an image's colors.

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