How Corel RAVE works

The Corel R.A.VE. application lets you create movies by following these steps:

1 Start a movie project — See "Starting Corel R.A.VE. and opening movies" in the Help for information about starting a movie project, either from scratch or by opening a graphic. See "Setting the properties of movies" on page 326 for information about setting movie properties such as stage size, frame rate, and background.

2 Create the movie contents — Use the drawing and effects tools to create and modify lines, shapes, and text, or to import artwork created in other applications. For information about drawing lines and shapes, shaping and working with objects, filling and coloring objects, adding special effects, and working with bitmaps, see the Help. For information about working with text, see "Adding and formatting text" in the Help.

3 Animate, preview, and edit the movie contents — Use a timeline to extend the life of objects in a movie and change them over time. You can preview the movie, coordinate animated objects, and modify the way they change over time. For information about animating, see "Animating objects" on page 329 and "Animating text" on page 345. For information about editing and previewing movies, see "Editing and previewing animation" on page 339.

4 Add sound and repetition — Add sound to further enliven a movie, or repeat an animated object or group of objects for the duration of a movie. For information about working with sound, see "Using sound in movies" in the Help. For information about repeating an animation within a movie, see "Repeating animated objects" on page 338.

5 Add interactivity — Add interactive objects, or rollovers, that move or change when pointed to or clicked. Use behaviors to create more complex, interactive movies. For information about creating interactive movie elements, see "Creating interactive objects' in the Help. For information about using behaviors in movies, see "Using behaviors" in the Help.

6 Export a movie — When you complete a movie, prepare to share it with the world by exporting it to a standard animation format. For information about exporting movies, see "Exporting and publishing movies" in the Help.

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