Splitting and erasing portions of objects

You can split a bitmap or vector object in two and reshape it by redrawing its path. You can split a closed object along a straight or jagged line. CorelDRAW lets you choose between splitting an object into two objects, or leaving it as one object composed of two or more subpaths. You can specify whether you want to close paths automatically or keep them open.

CorelDRAW lets you erase unwanted portions of bitmaps and vector objects. Erasing automatically closes any affected paths and converts the object to curves. If you erase connecting lines, CorelDRAW creates subpaths rather than individual objects. You can also delete portions of objects, called virtual line segments, that are between intersections.

The Knife tool creates two separate objects by cutting the ellipse in half (left). The two objects are separated and used to form the top of the screw (right).

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    How to seperate two object with corel draw?
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    How split object in half i corel draw?
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