To choose a color using a fixed or custom color palette

1 Select an object.

2 Open one of the following flyouts:

• the Fill flyout, and click the Fill color dialog tool j .

• the Outline flyout, and click the Outline color dialog tool fj.

3 Click the Palettes tab.

4 Choose a fixed or custom palette from the Palette list box.

5 Move the color slider to set the range of colors displayed in the color selection area.

6 Click a color in the color selection area.

Each color swatch on a fixed color palette is marked with a small white square.

You should use the same color model for all colors in a drawing; the colors will be consistent and you will be able to predict the colors of the final output more accurately. It is preferable to use the same color model that you are using for the final output. For more information about reproducing colors accurately, see "Managing color for display, input, and output" on page 159.

You can display or hide the names of fixed or custom colors by clicking Options ► Show color names.

You can swap the Old color (of the selected object) and the New color (which has been chosen in the color selection area) by clicking Options ► Swap colors.

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