To split an object

1 Open the Shape edit flyout /i < # <? % # , and click the Knife tool £.

2 Position the Knife tool over the object's outline where you want to start cutting.

The Knife tool snaps upright when positioned properly.

3 Click the outline to start cutting.

4 Position the Knife tool where you want to stop cutting, and click again.

You can also

Split an object along a freehand line Point to where you want to start the cut, and drag to where you want it to end.

Split an object along a Bezier line Press Shift, click where you want to start cutting an object, and click each time you want to change the direction of the line. If you want to constrain the line by 15-degree increments, press Shift + Ctrl.

Split an object into two subpaths Click the Leave as one object button ^ on the property bar.

By default, objects are split into two objects and paths are automatically closed.

When you use the Knife tool on a selected object, the object becomes a curve object.

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