To stretch an object

1 Select an object.

2 Click Arrange ► Transformations ► Size.

If you move the skew anchor point, you can reset it to the center again.

3 Enable the Non-proportional check box.

4 In the Transformations docker, type a value in the following boxes:

• H — lets you specify the width of a selected object

• V — lets you specify the height of a selected object

5 Click Apply.

The new values that you enter to stretch an object are the basis for a new ratio of the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the object. When you disable the Non-proportional check box, any resizing of the object is based on this new ratio. To revert the object to its original one-to-one proportions before transforming it again, you must disable the Non-proportional check box and then retype the original values.

You can stretch the sides of an object proportionally by disabling the Nonproportional check box, typing a value in either the H or V box, and pressing Enter.

You can also stretch an object from its center by pressing Shift and dragging a corner selection handle.

You can also stretch an object in increments of 100% by pressing Ctrl, and dragging a corner selection handle.

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