Tweening text

Corel R.A.VE. lets you animate text by tweening it along a path. You can also tween the text's properties, such as vertical placement and distance from a path.

You can only tween text that has a life span greater than one frame. For information about increasing the life span of objects, see "To increase the life span of a new object" on page 331.

When you move text along a path, you can tween the text's properties.

Corel R.A.VE. also lets you animate text without tweening it to a path, by treating the text as an object. For information about tweening objects, see "Tweening objects" on page 331.

To move text along a path

1 Draw a path.

2 Click the Text tool , and move the pointer over the path. When the pointer changes to a Fit to path pointer I A, click the object and type.

3 In the Timeline docker, drag the black dot associated with the path to increase the life span of the path.

4 Click the end frame in the text's timeline.

5 Click Movie ► Insert keyframe.

6 Drag the glyph to change the position of the text on the path. You can also

Have text move along the entire path

Click the text's name in the Timeline docker, and click the Sets the tween to occur along full path button on the property bar.

Have text rotate along a path

Click the text's name in the Timeline docker, and click the Rotate all objects relative to the path button ^ on the property bar.

You can also change a frame to a keyframe by double-clicking the frame.

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