Working with color profiles

A color management system helps you achieve accurate colors across a variety of devices consistently. The first stage in setting up your color management system is to choose color profiles for your monitor and each of the devices you use, such as scanners, digital cameras, and printers.

Understanding color management

Each device has a range of colors, or color space, that it uses. For example, a monitor displays a different set of colors than a printer reproduces. So, you may see some colors on the screen that cannot be printed.

You can use a color management system to translate colors from one device to another. Color profiles define the color space for your monitor and for the input and output devices you use.

For more information about using color management in your application, see "Understanding the Color management dialog box" on page 159.

Choosing color profiles

Different brands and models of monitors, scanners, digital cameras, and printers have different color spaces, and thus require different color profiles. Some widely used profiles are installed with your application.

Standard ICC (International Color Consortium) color profiles are used in your application. You can choose color profiles for a:

• scanner/digital camera

• composite printer

• separations printer

• internal RGB color space

Obtaining additional color profiles

If you need additional profiles or updates, you can get them from the application CD, or you can download them.

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