Applying distortion effects

You can apply three types of distortion effects to shape objects.

Distortion effect


Push and pull

Lets you push the edges of an object in or pull the edges of an object out


Lets you apply a saw tooth effect to the

edges of the object. You can adjust the

amplitude and frequency of the effect.


Lets you rotate an object to create a swirl effect. You can choose the direction of the swirl, as well as the origin, degree, and amount of rotation.

Original drawing before any of the four distortion effects are applied to it

Distort Coreldraw
Clockwise from top left: Push distortion, Zipper distortion, Pull distortion, and Twister distortion

After you distort an object, you can change the effect by altering the center of distortion. This point is identified by a diamond-shaped handle, around which a distortion appears. It is similar to a mathematical compass, where the pencil moves around a stationary point. You can place the center of distortion anywhere in the drawing window, or choose to center it in the middle of an object so that the distortion is distributed evenly and the shape of the object changes in relation to its center.

You can create an even more dramatic effect by applying a new distortion to an already distorted object. You don't lose the effect of the original distortion if, for example, you apply a zipper distortion on top of a twister distortion. The CorelDRAW application also lets you remove and copy distortion effects.

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    What is pull and push distortionin corel draw?
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    What is zipper distortion in corel draw?
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