CorelDRAW terminology and concepts

Before you get started with CorelDRAW, you should be familiar with the following terms.

Term Description


An element in a drawing such as an image,

shape, line, text, curve, symbol, or layer.


The work you create in CorelDRAW: for

example, custom artwork, logos, posters,

and newsletters

Vector graphic

An image generated from mathematical

descriptions that determine the position,

length, and direction in which lines are



An image composed of grids of pixels or


Docker window/palette

A window containing available commands

and settings relevant to a specific tool or



A button that opens a group of related tools

or menu items

Term Description

Artistic text A type of text to which you can apply special effects, such as shadows

Paragraph text A type of text to which you can apply formatting options, and which can be edited in large blocks

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    What is terminology of corel draw?
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    What are the terminologies in coreldraw?
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