Previewing print jobs

You can preview your work to show how the position and size of the print job will appear on paper. For a detailed view, you can zoom in on an area. You can view how the individual color separations will appear when printed. You can also increase the speed of a print preview by hiding the graphics.

Before printing your work, you can view a summary of issues for a print job to find potential printing problems. For example, you can check the current print job for print errors, possible print problems, and suggestions for resolving issues.

To preview a print job

You can quickly preview a print job in the Print dialog box by clicking File ► Print, and clicking one of the following: (Windows) Mini preview button (Mac OS) Mini preview button

To magnify the preview page

1 Click File ► Print preview.

3 Enable the Percent option, and type a value in the box.

You can also magnify the preview page by choosing a preset zoom level. You can also zoom in on a portion of the print preview by clicking the Zoom tool /■ in the toolbox and marquee selecting an area.

To preview color separations

1 Click File ► Print preview.

2 On the property bar, click the Enable color separations button !h .

You can preview the composite by clicking View ► Preview separations ► Composite.

You can view individual color separations by clicking the tabs at the bottom of the application window.

To hide or display graphics

1 Click File ► Print preview.

A check mark beside the menu command name indicates that graphics are displayed.

When the Show image menu command is disabled, the print job is represented by a bounding box that you can use to position and size the job.

To view a summary of issues for a print job

2 Click the Issues tab.

If you don't want Preflight to check for certain issues, click Settings, double-click Printing, and disable any check boxes that correspond to issues you want overlooked.

J?\> You can save settings by clicking the Add preflight settings button and typing a name in the Save preflight style box.

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