Getting photos into Corel Paint Shop

You can browse and load images directly into Corel Paint Shop Pro. If you have Corel® Photo Album™ installed, you can use Corel Photo Downloader to detect and download photos automatically from most cameras and card readers.

When you scan images, your scanning software may allow you to choose a host application. If you choose Corel Paint Shop Pro, you can scan the images directly into the program.

To get photos from a digital camera or card reader

1 Connect your camera or card reader to your computer.

Typically, this requires a USB cable for cameras and external card readers.

2 Access your camera from within Corel Paint Shop Pro by using one of the following methods:

• On the Learning Center palette, choose Get Photos ► Download.

• Choose File ► Import ► From Scanner or Camera.

Depending on your camera's software, either a dialog box appears and prompts you to select your camera from a list, or a dialog box appears with your photos.

3 Select the photos that you want to open in Corel Paint Shop Pro.

You may need to install the software that came with your digital camera or card reader before you connect the device to your computer.

To get photos from a scanner

1 In Corel Paint Shop Pro, choose File ► Import ► TWAIN Source.

2 From the Select Source dialog box, choose your scanner from the Sources list, and click Select.

4 Using the scanner's software, perform the scan.

When the device and software have processed the image, the image is sent to Corel Paint Shop Pro and placed in an image window. The scanner's software may remain open, so you can either continue to acquire images or exit the software.

You must install the software that came with your scanner before you connect the device to your computer. Installing this software correctly allows the computer and Corel Paint Shop Pro to recognize your scanner.

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