Opening and closing images

You can open most image formats in Corel Paint Shop Pro. You can open the images by using the menu bar in the main program window or by using the Browser palette. For more information about using the Browser palette, see "Browsing through image folders" on page 30.

You can associate specific file formats with Corel Paint Shop Pro, such as JPEG, TIF, or PNG, so that these files will open in Corel Paint Shop Pro when you double-click them.

For more information about setting file format associations, see "Setting file format associations" in the Help.

To open an image

2 In the Look in drop-list, choose the folder where the file is stored.

3 Click the name of the file that you want to open.

If you want to open multiple files, hold down Ctrl, and click the filenames.

4 Click Open.

You can also

View information about an image

Click the filename, and click Details.

View a thumbnail in the preview area

Mark the Show preview check box.

Preview all files in a folder

Click Browse to open the Browser palette.

Run a script on the files as they open

Mark the Enable Pre-processing check box, and choose a script from the drop-list.

To open a recently used file

• Choose File ► Recent Files, and choose the filename.

By default, the Recent Files menu lists four recently used files. You can choose to list up to 10 files. For more information, see "To set the number of files that appear in the Recent Files list" in the Help.

To close an image

Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

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