Removing digital photo noise

The term "noise" as it relates to photos refers to small specks of color that interfere with the clarity of the image. These specks usually result from sources such as the limitations of the sensor in your digital camera or poor lighting conditions. For example, when you zoom in on a photo of a clear blue sky, you may see tiny specks of orange, red, purple, green, or other colors.

The image on the left looks grainy because of image noise. The image on the right appears smoother and less grainy after the image noise has been removed.

Corel Paint Shop Pro gives you two fast, powerful commands for removing noise from your photos. When you use the One Step Noise Removal command or the Digital Camera Noise Removal command, the program analyzes your photo, identifies the noise artifacts, and applies corrections based on these identified areas.

You can automatically apply noise correction to your photo with the One Step Noise Removal command. You can also control more precisely how these same corrections are applied by using the more comprehensive Digital Camera Noise Removal command. For more information about using the Digital Camera Noise Removal command, see "Removing digital photo noise" in the Help.

To remove digital photo noise quickly

After a brief pause, a predetermined set of corrections are automatically applied to your photo.

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