Resizing images

After you adjust your image, you can resize it in Corel Paint Shop Pro. It's important to understand how resizing affects image pixels.

Pixels have no set physical size. Each pixel represents one area of a single color. When an image is resized, the number of pixels in the image may be reduced or increased, which causes the image to be resampled. Resampling changes the file size.

Print resolution is the number of pixels per inch. More pixels per inch (ppi) create smaller printed pixels and a smaller printed image. Fewer pixels per inch create larger printed pixels and a larger printed image. Resizing can change the resolution of the image while preserving both the number of pixels in the image and the file size.

Here are some recommendations to help you resize your images:

• Increasing image size by more than 25% causes a loss of detail and sharpness.

• Resize an image only once — if you resize incorrectly, undo it and try again.

• Correct and retouch images before resizing.

To resize an image

2 In the Resize dialog box, mark the Resample using check box, and select a resampling type from the drop-list.

To resize the current layer only, unmark the Resize all layers check box.

3 In the Pixel Dimensions group box, type or set new values in the Width and Height controls. From the drop-list, choose whether to enter values in pixels or as a percentage of the original size.

It is recommended that you constrain the new image dimensions to the image's current proportions by marking the Lock aspect ratio check box. Changing the aspect ratio distorts the image by stretching or contracting it in one dimension more than the other.

You can keep the image's current print size by marking the Maintain original print size check box.

4 Click OK.


Retouching and restoring

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Corel Paint Shop Pro provides you with many ways to retouch your images. Whether you want to remove a small scratch, erase the entire background, or simply correct red-eye, you'll find the tools you need.

In this section, you'll learn about

• removing red-eye

• applying cosmetic corrections

• removing scratches

• removing flaws and objects

• erasing image areas

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