Rotating images

You can rotate an image by 90 degrees to change its orientation to landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical). If your camera contains sensors that mark images taken in a portrait orientation, Corel Paint Shop Pro automatically rotates photos to the correct orientation.

For information about rotating an image to straighten it according to reference points within the image, such as the horizon, see "Straightening images" on page 40.

Corel Paint Shop Pro offers several ways to rotate an image quickly.

To rotate an image

• Select an image, and perform a task from the following table. To Do the following

Rotate an image 90 degrees clockwise or Choose Image ► Rotate Right or Image ► counterclockwise Rotate Left.

Rotate an image interactively Choose the Pick tool from the Tools toolbar. Rotate the image by dragging the rotation handle (the square connected by a line to the rotation pivot point) to a new position.

You can also rotate an image by clicking the Rotate Right ^ or Rotate Left button on the Standard toolbar.

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