Saving images

Before saving images, you need to consider the file format in which you want to save your image and ensure that you don't overwrite an original image that you may need in the future.

The Corel Paint Shop Pro PspImage file format supports layers, alpha channels, and other features used in creating images. It is recommended that you save and edit your images as PspImage files. You can then save the file to a standard file format if you want to e-mail the image, use it on a Web page, or send it to a printing service.

The list below provides you with some basic information about common file formats.

• JPEG — a standard file format for digital photos that is suitable for e-mail and the Web. It uses lossy compression, which ensures a small file size but entails a loss of image data each time you save. For this reason, this format is not recommended for editing photos unless a high quality setting is used. This file format supports EXIF and IPTC data, which can be used to provide information about the photo, such as when a photo was taken.

• TIFF — a standard file format for printing and sharing images between programs. It uses non-lossy compression. Although you do not lose image data each time you save, the larger file size is less suitable for e-mail and the Web. TIFF can save data in the CMYK color mode for printing, and it supports EXIF and IPTC data.

• PNG — a file format widely used for Web images. It uses non-lossy compression to reduce the file size without losing image data.

• RAW — a file format that is typically used by professional photographers. This format provides uncompressed, unprocessed image data and gives you the most control over how an image is processed. Ydu must have a camera that captures digital images in this format, and software, such as Corel Paint Shop Pro, that lets you open and edit the file.

For information about the compression methods used in Corel Paint Shop Pro files, see "Saving images" in the Help. When you save a new image, Corel Paint Shop Pro lets you select its location, name, and file format. When you save an image and then edit it, the image title bar displays an asterisk, or modifier tag, after the filename to indicate that the file has been modified. This tag disappears each time you save your work.

You can also automatically save your files at specific intervals to avoid losing your work if your computer shuts down unexpectedly. For more information, see "Setting Autosave preferences" in the Help.

Important! If you do not change the file format of the file you open and you want to preserve the original image, you must use the Save As command, rather than the Save command, to avoid overwriting the original file.

To save a new image

1 Choose File ► Save to open the Save As dialog box.

2 From the Save in drop-list, choose the folder in which you want to save the file.

3 In the Filename field, type a name for the file.

4 In the Save as type drop-list, choose a file format.

5 Click Save.

You can also

Save EXIF information with the image

Click Options to open the Save Options dialog box. Mark the Save EXIF information check box.

Compress an image file

Click Options to open the Save Options dialog box. In the Compression group box, choose a compression option. The option is unavailable if the file does not support compression.

& ^ You can also save your work by clicking the Save As button on the Standard toolbar to avoid overwriting your current file.

To save your work

The original image is overwritten by the modified image. If you do not want to overwrite the original file, use the Save As command.

. ... Corel Paint Shop Pro automatically saves the image with the same filename and location.

& ^ You can also save your work by clicking the Save button [5] on the Standard toolbar. This action overwrites your current file.

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