Straightening images

You can easily straighten crooked images by specifying a line along an image feature that you want to correct. Corel Paint Shop Pro then aligns the image vertically or horizontally with this rotation line. You can use this technique when an image has a strong vertical or horizontal feature, such as a building or horizon.

The Straighten tool lets you draw a line by using reference points within an image. You can then use the line to straighten the image.

To straighten an image

1 On the Tools toolbar, click the Straighten tool £.

A straightening bar with end handles appears on the image.

2 Drag each handle of the straightening bar to align it with the part of the image that you want to straighten.

3 On the Tool Options palette, choose from the following options:

• Auto — automatically straightens the image based on the position of the straightening bar (recommended)

• Make vertical — rotates the image to make the straightening bar vertical

• Make horizontal — rotates the image to make the straightening bar horizontal

4 Click the Apply button You can also

Straighten a single layer

Straighten all layers in the image

Choose a specific angle for the straightening bar

Crop the edges of the image to make it rectangular after straightening

Fill the edge areas of your image with the background color

Click the layer name on the Layers palette before you begin.

Mark the Rotate all layers check box on the Tools Options palette.

Type or set a value in the Angle control on the Tools Options palette.

Mark the Crop image check box on the Tools Options palette.

Unmark the Crop image check box on the Tools Options palette.

You can also double-click the image to apply the command.

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