Using the Help system

The Help is the most comprehensive source of information for Corel Paint Shop Pro. The Help topics dialog box provides three ways to find information. You can choose a topic from the Contents page, use the Index page to search for a specific topic, or use the Search page to search for specific words and phrases. You can also print topics from the Help, or you can use the interactive workflow diagram in the Help, which will guide you through the most common tasks so that you can use the program efficiently.

To use the Help system

2 Click one of the following tabs:

• Contents — lets you browse through topics in the Help

• Index — lets you use the keywords from the index to find a topic. For example, if you want to add a caption to a photo, but are not sure which feature to use, type caption.

• Search — lets you search the full text of the Help for a particular word or phrase. For example, if you are looking for information about a specific tool or command, you can type the name of the tool or command, such as Backlighting, to display a list of relevant topics. To search for a phrase, type the phrase and enclose it with quotation marks (for example, type "Smart photo fix").

• Favorites — lets you create a list of Help topics that you can easily access. You can remove and add Help topics at any time.

You can also

Magnify a Help topic

Click the Zoom in button ^ on the Help

topic page. You can decrease the

magnification by clicking the Zoom out

button Q.

Print a specific Help topic

Open a Help topic, click the frame you want

to print, and click Print.

View Help for a dialog box

Click Help in the bottom of the dialog box.

Access information and troubleshooting tips

Click Corel Knowledge Base in the upper-

on the Corel Web site

right corner of the Help window.

The Corel Paint Shop Pro workspace includes menus, tools, and palettes that you can use to create and edit images. By navigating this workspace, you can accomplish your painting, drawing, and photo-editing tasks.

In this section, you'll learn about

• exploring the workspace

• using palettes

• using toolbars

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