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You can use the Picture Tube tool to paint with a collection of objects. For example, you can add butterflies and beetles to a picnic setting, fill an aquarium with fish, or frame a picture with holly. You can use one of the picture tubes included with Corel Paint Shop Pro or create your own.

Paint Shop Tubes
The Picture Tube tool lets you apply various preset images to your photos to create unique effects.

Picture tubes are PspTube files. Each picture tube file is made up of a series of images arranged in rows and columns, called cells. Picture tubes may have any number of cells. As you paint with the Picture Tube tool, Corel Paint Shop Pro paints one image from the picture tube after another. Many picture tubes create discrete images (such as zoo animals), and others create the effect of a continuous image (such as grass).

■Autumn leaves

■Autumn leaves

Picture Tubes Paint Shop Pro
Each picture tube file is made up of a series of images.

To make picture tube elements easier to edit, it is helpful to paint them on a separate layer.

For more information about editing existing picture tubes or creating your own picture tubes, see "Using the Picture Tube tool" in the Help.

Important! You cannot use the Picture Tube tool on vector layers.

To paint with a picture tube

1 On the Tools toolbar, choose the Picture Tube tool

2 On the Tool Options palette, select a picture tube from the Picture Tube drop-list.

Note: Most picture tube previews show the first image rather than all images in the picture tube. To view all images, select the desired picture tube and then paint with it, or open the .PspTube file from the Browser palette.

3 If necessary, adjust the following:

• Scale — determines the percentage (10% to 250%) for reducing or enlarging each image in the picture tube and scaling the step

• Step — determines the distance in pixels (1 to 500) between the centers of each picture tube cell that you paint

• Placement mode — determines how the images are placed. Choose Continuous to space the images evenly by step size or choose Random to randomly space the images, with intervals ranging from 1 pixel to the step size apart.

• Selection mode — determines how Corel Paint Shop Pro selects images to paint from the cells within the picture tube. Random selects images randomly; Incremental selects images one by one from top left to bottom right; Angular selects images based on the direction you drag; Pressure selects images based on the pressure you apply on a pressure-sensitive tablet; and Velocity selects images based on the speed with which you drag.

4 In the image window, click to paint with one picture tube image, or drag to paint with multiple picture tube images.

^ ^ You can make further changes to the behavior of the current Picture Tube by clicking the Settings button & on the Tool Options palette and adjusting settings in the Picture Tube Settings dialog box.

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