Warping images

You can distort image areas by using the warp brushes on image pixels to produce a warping effect on image pixels. You can twirl areas of images, contract or expand parts of images, and create many interesting effects. The effect of the Warp Brush is often time-dependent, which means that the longer you hold the brush over an area, the more the brush produces the effect.

You can also warp images by using a grid. When you use the Mesh Warp tool, a grid or mesh is placed on the image. The grid intersections have mesh points, or nodes, that you drag to create deformations. For more information about warping by using a grid, see "To warp images using a grid" in the Help.

Warping Con Paint Shop Pro
The Warp Brush tool can be used to create caricatures.

To warp image areas by using a brush

1 On the Tools toolbar, choose the Warp Brush tool »/.

2 On the Tool Options palette, choose the type of warp in the Warp Modes group box:

• Push ■«- — pushes pixels in the direction of the stroke for an effect similar to smearing paint. This warp mode is time-independent.

• Expand «J* — pushes pixels away from the center of the brush

• Contract -4*- — pulls pixels into the center of the brush

• Right Twirl e — rotates pixels clockwise around the center of the brush

• Left Twirl o — rotates pixels counterclockwise around the center of the brush

• Noise — causes random movements of pixels under the brush

• Iron Out — removes unapplied warps. This warp mode is time-independent.

3 Specify the brush options, such as size and hardness.

For more information about setting brush options, see "Choosing brush options" in the Help.

Note: Unlike other brushes, the size of the Warp Brush tool can be adjusted only on the Tool Options palette, not through the keyboard.

4 Type or set a value in the Strength control to determine the strength of the warping effect.

Full strength is 100%; minimum strength is 1%.

5 Select an Edge Mode, a Draft Quality, and Final Apply quality.

6 Drag in the image.

For the time-dependent warp modes, you can also place the pointer at one position (instead of dragging) and hold down the mouse button to repeat the effect in one area.

To unwarp an area, click the Iron Out or Unwarp button on the Tools Options palette, and click over the area that you want to restore.

You can also use the Mesh Warp tool to warp images. For more information, see "To warp image areas by using a grid" in the Help.

Corel Paint Shop Pro lets you add text to images and create interesting text effects.

In this section, you'll learn about

• applying text

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