Zooming and panning

By default, images that you open in Corel Paint Shop Pro appear at a magnification level that allows the full image to appear in the workspace. You can zoom in to get a closer look at image detail or zoom out to view a larger portion of the image. You can also magnify a specific area of an image.

You can use the Zoom tool to magnify your image (left) or you can use the Magnifier command to view a specific area without changing the magnification of the image (right).

You can view image areas that fall outside the current image window. For example, when you are working at a high magnification level, you can pan or jump to a different image area without having to adjust the magnification level. When an image is too large to fit within its window, scroll bars appear on the bottom and right sides of the image.

To zoom

1 On the Tools toolbar, choose the Zoom tool C^.

2 Click to magnify the area, or right-click to reduce the area.

The magnification changes to a preset percentage that appears in the Zoom (%) control on the Tool Options palette.

You can also

Magnify the image by a specified percentage On the Tool Options palette, type a value in

By default, when you zoom in or out, the image window automatically resizes to fit the image. For more information, see "Setting view preferences" in the

You can also change the magnification when the Zoom tool is active by using the scroll-wheel on your mouse or stylus.

You can also change the magnification of an image by choosing View ► Zoom in and View ► Zoom out.

View the image at 100%

Choose View ► Zoom to 100%, or click the Actual Size button on the Tool Options palette.


To magnify an image area

1 Choose View ► Magnifier to place the cursor in magnifier mode.

2 Place the cursor over the image area you want to magnify.

The area under the cursor is displayed at 500%.

To turn off the magnifier mode, choose View ► Magnifier again.

To pan around an image

1 On the Tools toolbar, choose the Pan tool

2 Drag within the image.

& ^ You can also pan around an image by using the preview rectangle on the Overview palette. If the Overview palette is not displayed, choose View Palettes ► Overview, and drag the preview rectangle to a new position.

To fit the window to the image

& ' You can also fit the window to the image by clicking the Fit Window to

Image button 21 on the Tool Options palette when the Pan tool ^ or Zoom tool C^ is active.

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