Exploring the User Interface

The user interface is made up of a variety of elements, all of which have different roles when it comes to helping you create your masterpiece.

Corel Photo Paint Mixer Toolbar

Menu bar. The? menu bar is standard ¿¡crcsn most applications. It gives you access to common functions,

Property bar. The Property bar is a content-sensitive toolbar, meaning t>iat h wilt change to give yoir the corresponding option* for whatever tool you are using,

* Brush S*lection bar. The

Brush Selection bar gives you quick acce» to the many different brushes in Painter,

* Toolbox. TheToalbax hold; moit of the common onscreen igofe that you can use to create your artwork.

* Palettes, Palettes EtErve as-onscreen tool centers that are catogoriud into logical functions. For example, there are color palettes, paper palettes, layer palettes, and many more.

* Canvas. The canvas is the area on the screen where you will actually create your artwork.

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  • Imogen
    How to veiw menubar in corel draw 11?
    7 years ago

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