Corel Painter users continue to enjoy many features that have been the cornerstones of the application for years. The following features let creative professionals leverage their natural talents and techniques to create original works of art, distinguishing Corel Painter from other applications.


Brushes have always been the heart and soul of Corel Painter — with more than 30 brush categories, ranging from Crayons, Chalk, and Charcoal to Acrylics, Artists' Oils, RealBristle, and the new Markers. While most mirror the look and feel of traditional brushes, others offer users a one-of-a-kind creative tool. The following brush categories are just a sample of those available in Corel Painter 11.

Artists' Oils Painting System: Artists' Oils let users apply paint blends created in the Mixer palette directly onto images in the document window. Each brush dab loads the brush with a finite amount of oil. As the oil runs out, the brush stroke becomes fainter. Brush strokes interact with paint already on the canvas just as they would with natural media.

Acrylics: All Acrylic brush variants cover underlying brush strokes. Many are capable of multicolored strokes, and others interact with underlying pixels to create realistic effects.

Artists' Oils brush stroke

Artists' Oils brush stroke

Thick Acrylic Flat brush stroke

Thick Acrylic Flat brush stroke

painter 11

Blenders: Blenders affect underlying pixels by moving and mixing them. The variants can reproduce the effects of blending paint by applying water or oil. Blenders are ideal for smoothing drawn lines and creating shade.

Just Add Water brush stroke

Chalk: Chalk brush variants produce the thick, rich texture of natural chalk sticks and cover with strokes that interact with the paper grain. The opacity is linked to stylus pressure.

Chalk brush stroke

F/X: F/X brush variants produce wildly creative results. Some add color; others affect underlying pixels. For example, the Glow brush lets users add ambient light.

Glow brush stroke

Impasto: Impasto brush variants replicate the classic technique of applying thick paint on a canvas to provide depth. The depth information for the brush stroke is stored on the Impasto Layer.

Some impasto variants apply depth effects to underlying pixels, such as Acid Etch, Clear Varnish, Depth Rake, and Texturizer-Clear. Other variants apply three-dimensional brush strokes with the current paint color.

Loaded Palette Knife brush stroke

painter 11

Pattern Pens: Pattern Pen brush variants apply a pattern to an image. The size and transparency of the applied pattern can be adjusted for variation.

Pattern Pen brush stroke

Pattern Pen brush stroke

RealBristle: RealBristle brush variants heighten the responsiveness of the brush for the artist. By simulating the natural movement of an artist's brush, these variants result in brush strokes that faithfully replicate the interaction between paint, canvas, and a brush's bristles.

Real Tapered Round brush stroke

Real Tapered Round brush stroke

Watercolor: Watercolor variants produce natural-looking watercolor effects. Almost all variants in the Watercolor category interact with the canvas texture. For most of these variants, stylus pressure affects the width of the brush stroke. As with traditional watercolor brushes, greater pressure on the brush widens a stroke and less pressure narrows a stroke.

Watercolor brush stroke

Brush Controls

Brush Control palettes provide quick access to all brush settings and controls. Making on-the-fly changes to brush settings and variables is simple. For example, the Boost slider, found in the General palette, instantly enhances brush speed. Just drag the slider and see brush performance accelerate immediately.

Brush Control palettes enable on-the-fly changes.

The Brush Creator

The Brush Creator provides controls for customizing and creating brush variants. The main window of the Brush Creator contains three tabs, each with its own user interface: Randomizer, Transposer, and Stroke Designer.

The Randomizer creates random brush settings for the selected brush category and variant. The Transposer creates new brush settings based on the transition from one brush category and variant to another. The Stroke Designer lets users control the size and shape of the media applied by a brush, the way the dabs are repeated in a stroke, the media (usually color) that flows from a brush, and how a brush interacts with underlying pixels.

The Brush Creator

The Brush Creator


In the traditional art world, an artist's brush or drawing tool produces different results when applied to surfaces with different textures. Corel Painter allows users to control the texture of the canvas to achieve the results they would expect from conventional art media on a given surface. Brushes interact with paper grain, just as natural tools react with the texture of the surfaces beneath them. Textures can also be used to create special effects, such as rusted metal on an intergalactic spaceship or bark on a tree.

Many brush variants allow the paper texture to be seen through the brush stroke.

painter 11

Heather Michelle Bjoershol
Paper texture can help create special effects. Artwork by Andrew Jones.

Divine Proportion

The Divine Proportion composition tool helps artists visually arrange their canvas prior to drawing or painting. It is an ideal aid for creating visually stunning compositions, whether artists are painting from a blank canvas or cropping a photograph before transforming it into a painting. Corel Painter provides palette controls for the Divine Proportion composition tool, which allow the artist to adjust the orientation, size, angle of rotation, display colors, opacity, and grid levels.

Pascal Sibertin
The Divine Proportion composition tool can be used to visually arrange the canvas. Original artwork by Andrew Jones.

painter 11

Photo Painting System

The Photo Painting System is comprised of three palettes which make it easy for photographers to create beautiful paintings from photos.

The Underpainting palette: Historically, an underpainting was used to establish the overall color values for a painting. Similarly, the Underpainting palette lets users prepare a photo for cloning — the first step in transforming a photo into a painting. Users can adjust the photo's contrast, lightness, or saturation and add a decorative edge effect, such as a rectangular, circular, or jagged vignette.

The Underpainting palette helps users prepare a photo for cloning.

The Auto-Painting palette The Auto-Painting palette lets users transform a photograph into a painting by automatically applying random paint strokes that vary in stroke type, direction, and pressure. Users choose the type of brush stroke, and adjust the preset options to determine how the brush interacts with the canvas. The Smart Stroke Painting option dynamically changes brush size, stroke length, and pressure based on the detail and focal areas of the original photo.

Heather Michelle Bjoershol
The Auto-Painting palette helps users transform a photo into a stunning painting.

The Restoration palette

The Restoration palette allows users to touch up their painting manually with one of two special brushes that use the original photographic detail to "restore" image areas, such as facial features.

The Restoration palette is great for restoring original detail from the cloned photo.

painter 11

Summary of New or Enhanced Features

The following is a summary of the new or enhanced features in Corel Painter 11.


• Try one of 40 new hard media variants, which are especially useful for drawing and sketching.

• Use the new Hard Media palette to build your own variants or customize existing variants.

• Create colorful depictions and drawings with the new Markers designed to emulate real-world rendering markers.

• Enjoy control over color buildup when using the new Markers, which perform just like their real-world counterparts.

• Take advantage of the newly redesigned and resizable Colors palette, which makes it easier to choose and adjust color.

• Achieve greater control and accuracy when mixing custom colors with the new, resizable Mixer palette.

• Increase available color options by adding mixer swatches to the Mixer palette.

• Experience more control over media deposits when using a pen tablet.

Performance and Productivity

• Choose color faster and with more accuracy by using the new keyboard color selection.

• Easily control color profiles and maintain color consistency with the enhanced and simplified Color Management interface.

• Get better results and more control with the new selection tools.

• Try the new Polygonal Selection tool to produce straighter lines when making node-to-node selections.

• Use the new, centralized Transform tool, which puts all mode options on the property bar for convenient access.


painter 11

Reviewer's Guide i 23 ]

• Choose whether to transform complete or select layer content for greater precision and flexibility when transforming images.

• Enjoy enhanced copy and paste functionality, which provides more control and faster results.


• The new document color profiles ensure accurate color representation for every file, no matter the output.

• Maintain color consistency and preservation of imported artwork or photos with enhanced color recognition.

• The new Tablet tilt provides control over brush stroke width simply by adjusting pen angle.

• Work on either Intel or PowerPC-based Mac computers with enhanced universal binary support.

• Create with confidence on the latest Microsoft operating system, Windows Vista™.

• Exchange artwork easily with enhanced support for Adobe® Photoshop®


• Open and save a variety of file formats, including new support for Portable Network Graphics (PNG).

painter 11

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Special Thanks

In recognition of the artwork used throughout this document, the Corel Painter team extends special thanks to the talented artists whose contributions helped make this reviewer's guide possible: Andrew Jones, Dwayne Vance, Gracjana Zielinska, Heather Michelle Bjoershol, Pascal Sibertin, and Daniel Cox.


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