Many of the brushes in this category spray in the direction in which the tablet stylus is angled. These spray type airbrushes include Broad Wheel, Coarse Spray, Fine Spray, Fine Wheel and Finer spray, most of which give a fairly smooth finish.

Some of the smeary airbrushes, Digital, Detail, Fine Detail and Fine Tip Soft all move the underlying imagery and do not have the typical airbrush spray.

Variable Splatter, Tiny Splatter and Pepper Spray throw out a very coarse spray that looks very blotchy on a small file size.

The Soft Airbrush is one of the few to use paper textures.

Pixel Spray

Figure 3.6

Across the Lake.

Figure 3.6

Across the Lake.

This photograph was taken early one morning looking across part of Derwentwater in the English Lake District. The atmosphere was placid and the only things moving were the ducks on the water.

The Broad Wheel Airbrush was used to paint over most of the picture, this is a very useful brush for covering large areas very lightly and gives the spray effect seen on the edges of the picture above. The density in the image was gradually increased, mainly in the central areas.

The Soft Airbrush was used to finish the picture and brought in more clarity to the central area. This brush has a much smoother texture and does not have the spray texture of the Broad Wheel Airbrush.

Figure 3.7

Original photograph.

Figure 3.8

Detail showing textures.

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