Applying texture to a layer

This technique applies the textures created in Apply Surface Textures onto a separate layer rather than putting them directly on the image. The advantage in doing this is that the image remains unchanged and the texture is adjustable at any time as it is not part of the picture.

There are several ways of achieving this, a duplicate copy of the canvas can be made, and the texture applied to this. Reducing the layer opacity will lessen the effect. Any type of texture can be applied and adjusted in this way.

The next step-by-step process will involve making a new layer and applying the texture to it.

Step 1 File> Open> DVD>Step-by-step files> '06 Window Model'.

Step 2 File> Clone. Do not clear the image. Step 3 Click the new layer icon to make a new layer.

Step 4 In the Colors palette select 50% gray (click into the inner color triangle and slide the cursor halfway down the left side until the readout reads S: 0%; V: 50%).

Step 5 Effects> Fill and choose Current Color. Step 6 Change the layer composite method to Hard Light and the gray layer will disappear. Step 7 Effects> Surface Control> Apply Surface Texture. Select three-dimensional Brush strokes in the Using menu and make the Amount 100%. Click OK.

Figure 6.29

Layer composite method.

Figure 6.29

Layer composite method.

Now that the texture is on a separate layer it can be adjusted. Reduce the layer opacity to lessen the effect. Change the layer composite method to Overlay and Soft Light and see how the texture looks different each time, for more extreme changes try Multiply and Screen. Figure 6.30 shows the original and Figure 6.31 the applied texture in Hard Light composite method. Figure 6.29 shows the layers palette with the gray layer in Hard Light Composite Method at 67% opacity.

This technique can use the Paper, Original Luminance and three-dimensional Brush Strokes textures but cannot use Image Luminance as it is being applied to a layer empty of imagery

Figure 7.1

Holy man.

Montage created in Painter X from three different images.

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