Applying texture to a soft clone

When a paper tcxturc is applied to a clonc image that has white arcas around thc cdgc, thc tcxturc can be intrusive, as Figure 6.27 shows. To stop the texture showing in the white vignette areas take the following steps before applying the texture.

Step 1 Filc> Opcn> DVD>Stcp-by-stcp filcs> '06 Groynes Clone'.

Step 2 Use the Magic Wand and click in the outer white area to select the edges.

Step 3 Sclcct> Feather 50 pixels then Sclcct> Invert to select the inner area.

Step 4 Apply the surface texture, this will now only affect the area enclosed by the selection. You may need to vary the amount feathered to ensure the edges are not visible. Figure 6.28 shows the picture with these steps carried out.

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