Changing the layer composite method

Now that you have completed this separate layer it is worth experimenting with changing the composite method to see the difference it can make. Check through the information and examples earlier in this chapter if you haven't used the composite methods before.

It is always very difficult to predict how each composite mode will affect the balance of a picture, experience helps and the names give some guidance, but until you try it you can never be sure.

Step 13 Take a good look at the picture, click the composite method box and try all of the options and decide which one looks best. Some will have very little effect while others are totally unsuitable. Try the following two in particular which should work well with this picture.

Hard Light will give the picture a brighter appearance as it increases the contrast and removes some of the gray.

Luminosity retains the contrast level and enhances the color slightly.

It is your choice, whichever looks best on your version. Remember that this is not final as it can be changed at any time. Before going any further you can close down all the other images as they are finished with for the present. If you do need them again later, they can be re-opened and the clone source re-established by going to File> Clone Source.

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