Customize workspace

A new feature in Painter X is the ability to create and save custom workspaces and to share created workspaces with other people. This can be particularly useful when you want to do a particular type of work, for instance you may want to create a workspace for cloning pictures in which you have particular papers or brush libraries on view while others are hidden.

To create a new workspace go to Window> Workspace> New Workspace and give your new workspace a name.

Arrange the palettes and tools how you want them, you could make a custom palette with favorite brushes and papers, this is shown earlier in this chapter.

Figure 1.26

Naming a new workspace.


Customize Workspace...

Hide Palettes


New Workspace,.,

Arrange Paiettes


Import Workspace...

Zoom In

Export Workspace,.,

Zoom Out


y DefaJt

Zoom To Ft


Martin Feb 07 -1

Hste Toofeox ttde Prooerty Bir

Hide Brush Selector Bar

Hste Toofeox ttde Prooerty Bir

Hide Brush Selector Bar

Brush Controls Color Palettes library Palettes hide Layers Show Channels arf+4 Ctrl+S

Show Text Show Scrfits

Show Info Hide Tracker


Show Image Portfofco Show Selection Portfolio

Show Underpairiting Show Auto-Painting Show Restoration

Show Divine Proportion Show Layout Grid

Show Êrush Creator

Custom Palette

Streen Mode Toggle

Figure 1.25

Customize workspace.

Figure 1.26

Naming a new workspace.

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