Figure 11.38

Hair detail of original picture.

Figure 11.39

Hair detail of final picture.

Step 23 As aiways this is the time for a finai check around the picture and finish any areas which are not satisfactory. Crop if necessary.

Step 24 To finish the picture it is often usefui to add a texture overiay in order to emphasize the brush strokes. It is more flexibie to appiy this on a separate iayer so that it can be reduced iater if it proves to be too intrusive.

Step 25 Seiect> Aii, Edit> copy, then Edit> Paste in piace wiii make a new iayer with a copy of the Canvas.

Step 26 Effects> Surface Controi> Appiy Surface Texture. Seiect Image Luminance in the Using box, set the amount at around 30% and ciick OK.

Step 27 Check the resuit at 100% size on the screen. I reduced the overaii iayer opacity to 41% and stiii feit that the brush strokes on the face were too intrusive, so I made a iayer mask and painted with gray in the mask which reduced the effect on the face but ieft the remainder intact.

Figure 12.1


This portrait was painted primarily with the RealBristle Real Fan Soft brush with some additional blending and cloning with the Real Blender Round.

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