Keyboard Shortcuts

Change Brush Size

Ctrl/Cmd + Alt/Opt and drag in the document, the circle shows the brush size

Increase Brush Size (Incremental)

Square Brackets - Left (The incremental amount can be set in the General Preferences)

Decrease Brush Size (Incremental)

Square Brackets - Right

Change between active documents on screen

Ctrl/Cmd + Tab

Select All

Ctrl/Cmd + A


Ctrl/Cmd + D


Ctrl/Cmd + C


Ctrl/Cmd + V

Paste in Place

Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + V


Ctrl/Cmd + S

Save As

Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + S


Ctrl/Cmd + Z


Ctrl/Cmd + Y

Tracing Paper

Ctrl/Cmd + T

Adjust Opacity

Numbers on keyboard, that is 2 for 20%

Remember that you can change any keyboard shortcut and create your own in the Preferences> Customize Keys

Basic cloning techniques

Tracing paper

Soft clone

Camel impasto clone

Bristle Brush Clone

An introduction to paper grain

Textured Clone


There are many ways to create artistic pictures with Painter: painting from scratch in a blank document, using plug-in filters to change photographs in various ways and using a method called cloning.

The major part of this book deals with cloning techniques of all kinds, so it is worth explaining just what cloning means in this context. The term has a different meaning in other graphic programs such as Photoshop where cloning tools are chiefly used for retouching images. It can mean this in Painter too as there are tools which do just that, however when I discuss cloning photographs I am referring to the process which takes the imagery from an original photograph and reinterprets it in an artistic manner through the use of Painter brushes and paper surfaces.

In this chapter you will learn, through step-by-step examples, the basic clone types in Painter. They are very easy to create and by the end of the chapter you will understand how to make artistic clones from photographs. The remainder of the book builds on these basic techniques and will gradually introduce more complex ideas and other ways to reinterpret your photographs.

Figure 2.2

Pebbles on rock, made with the Soft Cloner.

Figure 2.2

Pebbles on rock, made with the Soft Cloner.

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