Liquid Ink is a large group of brushes which replicate the use of ink-based artists materials.

The ink flows very fast and covers the paper quickly and has a graphic appearance.

All Liquid Ink brushes use a special layer and a new Liquid Ink layer is created automatically when you use one of the brushes.

The Liquid Ink section in the Brush Creator has many controls for adjusting the brushes, in particular the amount of ink. If this slider is very high the ink spills over the paper in pools.

fjveiootv Sketcher

Sparse Flat

This paperweight on a strongly patterned cloth was painted with the Graphic Camel liquid ink brush, size 66.0, opacity 5%. This brush gives a different result depending on whether the brush strokes are fast or slow.

The brush size was reduced when painting the paperweight in order to give it more clarity.

In order to break areas up where the picture had become too dense, white streaks were painted using the Sparse Bristle brush, size 84.0, opacity 1%, volume 6%.

Finally the Soften Edges and the Soften Edges and Color brushes were used on the bottom edges of the picture to create the impression of pooled ink.

Figure 3.64

Original photograph.

Figure 3.64

Original photograph.

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