Making a new brush category

It is a good idea to make a new brush category for your own saved brushes, it helps to organize them and keeps them all in one place.

To make a new brush category and add brushes to it follow the next set of instructions.

Step 1 The first step is to create an icon which will be used for the brush category. This can be an image or text, whatever you will recognize. For this example it will be an image with a single letter. Open an image or make a new document and using the type tool type a single letter in capitals as in Figure 4.27, then Drop all the layers.

Step 2 Make a small square selection of the area with the Rectangular marquee (hold down the shift key to keep it square). Step 3 Open the Brush Selector pop-up menu and click on Capture

Brush Category. A dialog box will appear and here you can type in Categoiy icon.

name for the category, click OK and the new category will appear in the brush category list (Figure 4.28).

Step 4 To add a brush variant to your new {Figure 4.28 The new category in the Brush

category, open an existing brush in any category, make the changes to the brush variant and save the brush under a different name. Step 5 To move it to your own brush category, go to the palette menu again and select Copy Variant. In the dialog box that appears select your brush category from the drop down list and click OK. Finally go back to the original category and delete the entry there.

Another advantage with saving all your customized brushes in a new category is that you can save a copy in case you have to re-install the program. You will find that categories are not saved in the Program files section as you might expect but in the Application Data or Application Support folder. This is also the only place where you can delete a brush category.

Martin's Brushes

The old water tap.

Figure 5.1

The old water tap.


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