Making new layers

New layers can be made either by going to Layers> New Layer and selecting the type of layer required or by clicking one of the icons in the Layers palette as shown in Figure 7.4.

Figure 7.4

| Layers palette icons.

There are several types of layers all of which have their own special characteristics. To make a new standard layer, click the third icon from the left. Standard Layers can be painted on with most types of brush and are the ones that are mainly used for cloning.

The second icon will make a Dynamic Plug-in layer, which is a special effects layer that will make adjustments to the layer beneath. They are a bit-like adjustment layers in Photoshop as the settings can be changed at a later date, this type of layer is described in Chapter 13.

The fourth icon from the ieft, which has the biue dropiet design, makes a new Watercoior iayer, these are described in Chapter 8 and can oniy be used with Watercoior brushes.

The fifth icon from the ieft makes a new Liquid Ink iayer, which may oniy be used for Liquid Ink brushes. A step-by-step exampie of Liquid Ink brushes is in Chapter 9.

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