Painter X to Photoshop CS

The Canvas will translate as a background and Normal layers will stay the same. The specialist layers that include Water Color layers, Liquid Ink Layers, Dynamic Plug In Layers, Type Layers and Mosaics will change to Normal layers.

All these special layers will be rasterized during the process of saving to PSD format. Rasterized means that they become normal bitmap layers and the special effects cannot be directly edited again. If you wish to keep any of these special layers to be edited at a later date you must save in Painter's own file saving format that is called RIFF.

In Painter go to File> Save As and select RIFF and you will then be able to edit this layer in the future. If you are working in any of these special types of layers you may wish to save two versions, one in RIFF format in case you need to change something later and another in PSD format to transfer immediately into Photoshop.

Layer Composite Methods will translate pretty closely into Layer Blend Modes in Photoshop. The modes that are exclusive to Painter will go to Normal mode, which will usually look totally different. If the mode fails to translate correctly it may be necessary to flatten the picture within Painter before saving it.

Photoshop Secrets

Photoshop Secrets

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