As you may expect, the Pens brush category includes a fair selection of thin brushes, which give a ball pen style of painting. There are, however, some rather unusual and interesting variants. The barbed wire pen, for example, which spreads random lines around the brush stroke.

The Nervous pen is great fun, it might also be described as a drunken pen as the brush stroke is so irregular. The Scratchboard Rake is also quite different, painting everything with multiple separate brush strokes.

Variants like the Smooth Ink Pen and the Round Tip Pen both give strong colorful strokes and smear the original clone information around to some extent.

Thick n Thin Pen 5

Sfslr Mrtill

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Ball Point Pen

Barbed Wire Pen



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Thicken Thin Pen

This clone was painted with the Smooth Ink Pen. The outlines of the posts were sketched first using the Tracing Paper as a guide, the brush size was 5.0 and the opacity 100%.

The reeds at the top were painted using brush sizes of between 1.0 and 3.0 and 50% and 100% opacities.

The reflections of the reeds were made with the Nervous Pen. This was ideal as the nervous movement of the pen was perfect for indicating the subtle movement of the reflections in the water. The picture showing this stage can be seen in Figure 3.85.

To complete the picture shown at the top of the page an empty layer was placed on the top of the layer stack and using the Coarse Spray Airbrush, color was cloned back in. Some of the color was later partially removed with an eraser to keep the picture very light and delicate.

Figure 3.85

Stage 1.

Figure 3.85

Stage 1.

Figure 3.86

Original photograph.

Figure 3.86

Original photograph.

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