Using a graphic tablet

A graphic tablet with a pressure sensitive stylus is a must to obtain the Painter brushe's full potential. Wacom are the leading brand of tablets and have a large range from small to very large sizes. I personally find the A5 (6 X 8 inch) size ideal, it is large enough to have ample room for brush strokes yet not take up too much space on the desktop.

How you set up the button configuration for your pressure sensitive pen is a matter o^^^^^^^^^H personal preference, once the software has been installed on your computer the controls^^^^^^^H can be accessed via the Control Panel for Windows or in Applications on Mac OS X.^^^^^^^^^^H

All the brush and opacity settings used throughout the book are for use with a graphic^^^^^^^^H tablet. If you are using a mouse you will need to reduce the specified opacities quite^^^^^^^^^^H

Brush Tracking is a control within Painter to adjust the sensitivity of the pen to suit your own hand. In the Edit menu go to Preferences and select Brush Tracking in the dialog box.

Make a few sample strokes pressing at various intensities in the Scratch Pad as in Figure 1.21 and Painter will automatically adjust the pen sensitivity to your own hand pressure.

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