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The step-by-step examples in this chapter will show you how to make clones using watercolor, oil and pastel brushes. These clones differ from those in earlier chapters in several ways, the method of building the image is to gradually bring in detail, and the result is a lot more like a traditional painting.

The chapter begins with an explanation of Watercolor painting in Painter and the many different controls which are available to customize these brushes. A step-by-step example of Digital Watercolor follows with a scene featuring an old English building.

Oil painting is very popular and another step-by-step example follows which shows in detail the method which can be used to gradually refine the painting from an impression to a detailed finished picture.

In the picture below the outer edges of the frame have been cloned with the Thick Wet Oils brush with the centre area being left clear. The painterly section around the edge contrasts with the clarity of the photograph.

Figure 8.2

Mountain view.

Figure 8.2

Mountain view.

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