Adding Deleting and Moving Anchor Points

You can add anchor points to create new vertices or curves. You can delete anchor points to change the shape of the path or to smooth a contour that has unnecessary points. This might occur when you draw with the Quick Curve tool or create a shape from a selection.

You can move one or several anchor points by dragging. You can also move one or several points by averaging, which moves two or more anchor points with respect to each other.

Averaging is useful when you need to join the endpoint of one curve to the endpoint of another. Averaging the endpoints in both directions brings them precisely on top of each other. Now, when you join the endpoints, Corel Painter merges them to a single point, through which the path continues. If you don't average points that are near each other, Corel Painter joins them with a segment.

To add or delete an anchor point

• With the Shape Selection tool > , select a shape.

To Do the following

Add an anchor point Choose the Add Point tool ' y j -J in the toolbox, and click where you want to add the point.

Delete an anchor point Choose the Remove Point tool ■■ : s ■

in the toolbox, and click the anchor point you want to delete.

The anchor point is deleted, but the path remains connected.

Use the Add Point tool to add anchor points to the path.

Use the Remove Point tool to delete anchor points.

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