Adding Frames and Movies to a Movie

You can add frames at any time to your movie. Frames can be added at the end or beginning of a movie or between any frame in the stack. You can also repeat the last frame at the end of the stack.

You can combine movies by inserting the contents of one movie into another. You can insert only a Corel Painter movie, not a QuickTime or AVI movie or numbered files. You need to convert a QuickTime or AVI movie to a Corel Painter frame stack before you insert it into another Corel Painter movie.

The movie you insert must have the same frame size (width and height) as the current movie. You'll get better results if the movie you insert is designed for the same frame rate as the current movie. You can insert a movie before or after a specific frame, at the start of a movie, or at the end of a movie.

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